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Rom News! HHL Top Climber of the Year in Financial Times Global Master Ranking

Geschrieben am Montag, dem 19. September 2011 von

Rom Infos Jumping up 19 ranks, HHL - Leipzig Graduate School of Management has reached 19th place in the world's leading "Masters in Management" ranking conducted by Financial Times (FT). HHL's Master Program in Management (M.Sc.) was only listed for the second time ever and has already scored 3rd place in Germany and 19th place internationally, outpacing a large number of well-renowned schools. The ranking certifies the oldest business school in German-speaking Europe with a top rank for its M.Sc. program with regard to the salaries obtained by its alumni (4th place internationally).
The FT "Masters in Management" ranking covering 65 business schools is considered one of the world's most extensive and significant high score tables for Master programs focusing on General Management.
The ranking uses data from two surveys. One questions the university alumni who graduated three years ago about their current situation. The other collects data at the schools themselves. Assessment criteria for the ranking are among other things salary and career figures as well as internationality and the structure of the school or program.

HHL Dean Professor Andreas Pinkwart says: "We are beyond thrilled about the significant leap forward which we have managed to achieve within the most significant international ranking for Master programs. We regard today's position among the top twenty Master programs in Management worldwide as an incentive to aim for the top 10 in Europe in the next few years."

M.Sc. alumnus Christoph Tegeler (29) says: "The M.Sc. program at HHL not only trained me for working at a bank but also prepared me for the tasks in an international environment in an excellent manner. I found the internationality of the program and the high proportion of students from abroad to be particularly beneficial as they made my time at HHL a 'case study' for my future professional life." Mr. Tegeler, who presently works for Deutsche Bank in London continues: "The terrific score achieved by HHL in the ranking makes me glad as it will further increase HHL's awareness level, especially outside Germany."
Wenin Lu-Bouchard (29), born in China, working for Deutsche Post DHL in Bonn today, says: "The Master program at HHL taught me just the right mix of theoretical skills and practical experience. HHL's excellent reputation and the school's outstanding network opened many doors for me leading to some magnificent international career opportunities. I particularly appreciate the close connection with the professors of this business school. Even after my graduation I could contact them for coachings and advice."

Further information:
well as:

The Master Program in Management (M.Sc.) at HHL

HHL's English-language Master Program in Management (M.Sc.) covers a broad scope of economic topics and builds on a Bachelor's degree in Economics. HHL attaches particular importance to teaching soft skills. Courses such as Problem Solving & Communication, Negotiation or International Management Competencies represent an inherent part of the training. The 21 to 24-month program offers eight fields of specialization, i. e. Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Entrepreneurship, Advanced Economics and Advanced General Management. By choosing four electives the students can set a topical focus for the career to which they are aspiring. In addition to a term abroad at one of over 100 universities partnered with HHL, the curriculum of this 21 to 24-month program also encompasses an internship. Excellent business contacts as well as a professional Career Service provide top career opportunities for the alumni. Further information:

HHL - Leipzig Graduate School of Management

HHL is a university-level institution and ranks amongst the leading international business schools. The goal of the oldest business school in German-speaking Europe is to educate effective, responsible and entrepreneurially minded leaders. In addition to HHL's international focus the combination of theory and practice plays a key role. HHL stands out for its excellent teaching, its clear research focus, its effective knowledge transfer into practice as well as its outstanding student services. Further information:

Handelshochschule Leipzig gGmbH
Volker Stößel
Jahnallee 59

04109 Leipzig

Telefon: 0341-9851-614

Handelshochschule Leipzig gGmbH
Volker Stößel
Jahnallee 59

04109 Leipzig

Telefon: 0341-9851-614

(Interessante London News & London Infos @ London-News.Info.)

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Christian, Mariia, Nicholas und Satyam haben große Pläne: THE PARADISE TREE ist ein von den Studierenden gegründetes Start-up, das das Ergebnis des Business-Plan-Seminars an der HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management ist. Die Betreuung des Projektes an Deutschlands führender Gründeruni erfolgte durch Jun.-Prof. Dr. Vivek Velamuri, Inhaber der Rolf Schrömgens Professur für Entrepreneurship und Technologietransfer. Eine kürzlich gestarte ...

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After his appointment as Minister of Economy, Innovation, Digitization and Energy in the new state government of North Rhine-Westphalia, Prof. Dr. Andreas Pinkwart resigned his post as Dean of HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management and as Academic Director of one of the oldest business schools in the world. On this occasion, he and the Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Dr. Tessen von Heydebreck, took stock of his term as Dean of the university. Pinkwart will remain associated with HHL throug ...

 Meet HHL: Case Study Workshop in Prague (prmaximus, 07.06.2017)
Meet HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management, Germany's most traditional business school, in Prague. In cooperation with the Saxon Liaison Office in Prague HHL offers an HHL Taster Workshop with Jun.-Prof. Dr. Tobias Dauth on June 29, 2017.

By examining a case study about the "International expansion of German firms and frugal innovation in an international context" Professor Dauth will give you interesting insights about the course and teaching methods of HHL. The case study will be c ...

 'Rückzug vom Pariser Klimavertrag unterwandert die Meinung des amerikanischen Volkes' (prmaximus, 31.05.2017)
John E. Morton, 46, Stiftung Mercator Senior Fellow an der HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management ab September 2017, sagt über die erwartete Ankündigung von US-Präsident Donald Trump, das Pariser Weltklimaschutzabkommen aufzukündigen:

"Trumps angekündigte Entscheidung ist kurzsichtig, untergräbt weiter die amerikanische Führung und Glaubwürdigkeit auf der internationalen Bühne und u ...

 'Withdrawal From Paris Climate Agreement Cuts Against the American People' (prmaximus, 31.05.2017)
John E. Morton, Stiftung Mercator Senior Fellow at HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management from September 2017 onwards, says about U.S. President Trump's prospective decision to pull out the Paris climate agreement:

"The expected decision is shortsighted, further undermines American leadership and credibility on the global stage, and cuts strongly against the American people, only 17% of whom support a withdrawal from Paris. The good news is that business leaders, including the largest ...

 easyOn gewinnt internationalen Startup-Wettbewerb auf Ostdeutschlands größter Gründerkonferenz (prmaximus, 23.04.2017)
Das Team um Dr. Philipp Barsch hat mit seiner App easyOn am Samstag (22. April 2017) den Elevator-Pitch-Wettbewerb der diesjährigen Entrepreneurship-Konferenz "Accelerate@HHL 2017" an der HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management gewonnen. Die Idee, mittels einer unternehmensinternen App neuen Mitarbeitern den Einarbeitungs- und Eingliederungsprozess in Firmen zu erleichtern, hat die Jury am meisten überzeugt. Das Team aus Berlin setzte sich damit gegen elf Mitstreiter durch und erhielt ein Prei ...

 Gesucht: Geschäftsideen für offenes Businessplan-Seminar an der HHL (prmaximus, 24.02.2017)
Das Businessplan-Seminar der HHL Graduate School of Management geht im April 2017 in die nächste Runde. Es wird von der Leipziger Stiftung für Innovation und Technologietransfer gefördert und dient als Plattform, um die Institutionen und Hochschulen in Leipzig zu vernetzen.

Wissenschaftler und Forscher, die ihre innovativen Ideen ausgründen möchten, können sich kostenlos für die Semin ...

 trivago Founder Rolf Schrömgens Sponsors Professorship at HHL (prmaximus, 23.02.2017)
Almost 12 years ago, Rolf Schrömgens, a graduate of HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management, started the internet-based search engine trivago. He founded the start-up and is still running the company today with two other HHL graduates, Malte Siewert and Peter Vinnemeier. Over the years, Schrömgens has maintained close ties with his alma mater, lending his support in the areas of teaching and fundraising. Operating in the entrepreneurial spirit of HHL, his business currently employs over 1,000 ...

 Investing in Trust: Focus on German-Indian Economic Relations at HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management (prmaximus, 31.01.2017)
Since the beginning of German-Indian economic relations, going back to Fugger family, a dynasty of merchants from Augsburg, and their commitment to a merchant fleet to Goa, the German interest in India has grown steadily. Today, Germany ranks seventh in direct foreign investment in India. About 600 joint ventures are headquartered in the South Asian country; over 1,800 German companies are located there. The second India Business Day, which was hosted in Leipzig on January 30, 2017 by
President Barack Obama's Climate Change Advisor to Become Stiftung Mercator Senior Fellow at HHL (prmaximus, 25.01.2017)
Stiftung Mercator is proud to announce that the Obama administration's coordinator of energy and climate policy is to become one of its Senior Fellows. During the course of his Mercator Senior Fellowship at HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management, Mr. Morton will explore innovative structures and partnerships geared to expedite the flow of private capital to support climate change activities ...

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HHL Top Climber of the Year in Financial Times Global Master Ranking

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Waldbrand Schaden - Brandenburg bei Klausdorf - 09.09.2018

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HHL Top Climber of the Year in Financial Times Global Master Ranking