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Rom News! How To Check And Confirm Click Fraud On Your Ads?

Geschrieben am Freitag, dem 14. Juli 2017 von

Rom Infos
PR-Gateway: PPC or Pay-per-click is an internet advertising model, where advertisers pay for their ads to the publishers only when their ads are clicked. This is a way to get more traffic on to the site. Advertisers bid on keywords or keyword phrases, or decide on a fixed price per click.

Most marketers are using this form of advertising to improve search visibility and drive more traffic. Although useful and effective but, this practice of driving more traffic to a site is also prone to fraud, and this fraud can cost a high amount of your budget, nearly a 20%. Known as click-fraud, it is a very serious issue that can drain a lot of your money if you fail to notice it. Moreover, it lets you stay under the impression that you are succeeding in your plans of driving more traffic.

Who can be responsible for click-fraud of your ads?

There are many people and many reasons why click-fraud takes place. But, the aim of doing so remains the same ? to get your money wasted by clicking on  your ad several times without the intention of buying from you.

Competitors ? Your competitors may be conducting a research by clicking on your ads, without any intention of converting. They may want to cause you financial loss because you are standing above them at present.

Ad hosters ? These people click on your ads to generate more money from you for themselves at the cost of the advertisers.

Robots ? Generally, robots are programmed to perform click-frauds by any of the two people mentioned above.

All this will result in spending up your daily budget without even being able to reach out to potential customers. Thus, you won?t be able to achieve the results you expect from actual conversions.

How can you identify click-fraud?

First and foremost, remember that you must check your PPC program every single day. Daily checks will not only help you to check for click-frauds but, will also let you know which keywords and ads are yielding the most positive results. Check if a lot of clicks are coming from a single IP address or browser. If this is the case, then this could be a warning bell. Also check for the bounce rate for the entire day. If this is high too, then you sure are in for a click-fraud.

How can you reduce click-fraud on your site?

The first thing that could help you is if you can identify the IP address, where you are getting numerous clicks from. Once you have found out, you can block your ad from being shown to that IP. All you need to do is go to the ?IP Exclusions? in the ?Settings? tab and mention the IP address.

Similarly, you can make changes to your target locations. If you find that a lot of click-fraud is coming from some particular geographic region, you can exclude these locations from being able to visit your ad. Also, if possible, exclude the zip code and city you find the fraud coming from.

Next, bid only on the most industry-specific keywords since these keywords will be of high-value and will bring in a majority of clicks from genuine customers. You can use tools like AdWords Keyword Planner to research these keywords.

Also, set a maximum cost-per-click bid to ensure that you won?t be spending a whole lot of money if you become a victim of click-fraud. You can also set up a daily maximum budget to avoid great loss.

If yoüre looking for PPC service for your business, get in touch with Jain Technosoft. They are one of the best Digital Marketing Company in India.
We are into Digital Marketing and Web Development Services.
Rohit Kumar
Rohit Kumar
HSR Layout 9030880274
560102 Bangalore

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Für die Inhalte dieser Veröffentlichung ist nicht als News-Portal sondern ausschließlich der Autor verantwortlich (siehe AGB). Haftungsausschluss: distanziert sich von dem Inhalt dieser Veröffentlichung (News / Pressemitteilung inklusive etwaiger Bilder) und macht sich diesen demzufolge auch nicht zu Eigen!

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 How To Check And Confirm Click Fraud On Your Ads? (PR-Gateway, 14.07.2017)
PPC or Pay-per-click is an internet advertising model, where advertisers pay for their ads to the publishers only when their ads are clicked. This is a way to get more traffic on to the site. Advertisers bid on keywords or keyword phrases, or decide on a fixed price per click.

Most marketers are using this form of advertising to improve search visibility and drive more traffic. Although useful and effective but, this practice of driving more traffic to a site is also prone to fraud, and t ...

 Exchange Summit 2017 (PR-Gateway, 12.07.2017)
E-Invoicing/E-Billing: Significant Market Transition Lies Ahead

Kreuzlingen, Switzerland, July 11, 2017 - The European Core Invoice Standard EN16931 has been published on June 28th, 2018. Experts agree that E-Invoicing will be adopted at an even faster pace now also in Europe as already in the rest of the world. Therefore, the need for a global platform to exchange best practices, know how and fresh ideas increases even more.

The Exchange Summit is the leading congress with contrib ...

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Deutsche Meisterschaften im Straßenradsport 2017 in Chemnitz - Eine rundum gelungene und sichere Veranstaltung

Chemnitz war vom 23.06. bis zum 25.06.2017 Gastgeber der Deutschen Meisterschaften im Straßenradsport. In fünf Disziplinen fanden die verschiedenen Titelkämpfe statt, die Rennstrecken führten hierbei zum Teil durch die Stadt Chemnitz und durch das nahe Umland. Insgesamt nahmen ca. 300 Radsportler sowie über 25.000 Besucher an der Veranstaltung teil.

Neben all dem sportli ...

 Axis Communications, Trigion und Morphean kooperieren - Neue Cloud-Plattform für Videoüberwachung (PR-Gateway, 27.06.2017)
Gemeinsam mit Axis Communications und Morphean entwickelte Trigion Trigiview, eine Plattform für Video-Surveillance-as-a-Service (VSaaS). Die von Morphean betriebene Lösung verwaltet das Audio-, Video- und Zutrittskontrollsystem in der Cloud. Es kann über das Handy, Tablet oder einen Desktop-PC ferngewartet werden.

Das bewährte "as a Service"-Konzept, bei dem Dienstleister die benötigte Software oder Infrastruktur für ein Unternehmen ...

 Das neue Zeitalter des Surrealismus Now im Multimedia PO.RO.S Museum (PR-Gateway, 22.06.2017)
21. Juni, 2017 13.32 Uhr CEST

Coimbra / 21. Juni 2017 / Die Vorbereitungen für die größte Ausstellung zeitgenössischer surrealistischer Kunst der Welt in Europa begannen.

Schlösser, Museen, Kunsträume. 2017 "Internationaler Surrealismus Now" umfasst mehr als 100 Künstler aus 48 Ländern und die Liste wächst.

Die neue Ausgabe von auf POROS Museum sein "Surrealismus Now" in Condeixa-a-Nova, Portugal, 17. September 2017.

Über mich:

"Surrealismus Now" ist ein ...

 Bilanz einer erfolgreichen Partnerschaft: Stormshield und Schneider Electric sichern IT und OT (PR-Gateway, 20.06.2017)
Sicherheitslösung für IT und OT verzeichnet kommerziellen Erfolg

Cybersecurity-Experte Stormshield und Schneider Electric, ein globaler Spezialist für Energiemanagement und Automatisierung, bündeln ihre Kompetenzen, um das Bewusstsein für Cybersecurity in der Industrie zu fördern. Im Zuge dessen helfen die beiden Unternehmen internationalen Konzernen dabei, ihre IT und O ...

 ADC NY, ADC Deutschland, One Show und NY Festivals: 16-mal Edelmetall für Leo Burnett bei Kreativwettbewerben (PR-Gateway, 31.05.2017)
Der Mai bringt für Leo Burnett viel Grund zur Freude: Sowohl beim ADC New York, beim ADC Deutschland als auch bei The One Show und den New York Festivals zählen die Arbeiten von Leo Burnett Deutschland gleich mehrfach zu den Gewinnern.

Insgesamt holten sich die Kreativen 16 der begehrten Trophäen: 1x Gold, 5x Silber (bzw. Second Prize Award) und 10x Bronze (bzw. Third Prize Award). Ein ADC New York "Gold Cube" ging an das "Holoquarium" im Auftrag des Frankfurter Zoos. Für alle weiteren G ...

 'Withdrawal From Paris Climate Agreement Cuts Against the American People' (prmaximus, 31.05.2017)
John E. Morton, Stiftung Mercator Senior Fellow at HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management from September 2017 onwards, says about U.S. President Trump's prospective decision to pull out the Paris climate agreement:

"The expected decision is shortsighted, further undermines American leadership and credibility on the global stage, and cuts strongly against the American people, only 17% of whom support a withdrawal from Paris. The good news is that business leaders, including the largest ...

 Laser shows and water fountains delight the fans of Aerosmith at the Black Sea Arena in Georgia (marlem, 24.05.2017)
The Black Sea Arena is located on the coast of the Black Sea in the Georgian Shekvetili, Guria, and is an exceptional place for various events with infinite possibilities due to its special engineering, architecture and design. Designed by German architects, the Black Sea Arena was completed in 2016. The arena includes an amphitheater with the capacity for 10,000 spectators, in circular ascending rows of seats. The open concert arena can be closed completely in minutes during rain. With spac ...

 Intersolar 2017: Raising Power showcases full-service package for legally compliant system operation (PR-Gateway, 23.05.2017)
Independent provider of operation management for PV systems at Intersolar Europe, booth B3.376

Augsburg, May 23, 2017. Raising Power GmbH showcases its service package for the technical operation management of PV systems with a focus on the DGUV ordinance 3 at this year's Intersolar Europe in Munich. At booth 376 in hall B3, visitors to the trade fair will learn comprehensive solutions that Raising Power has been designing for system operation and operator responsibilities. Another highli ...

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How To Check And Confirm Click Fraud On Your Ads?

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How To Check And Confirm Click Fraud On Your Ads?